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Pro-Stop Braze 600

Dispensable Applications in Dip Brazing process. Our Pro-Stop Braze 600 stays put during your braze cycle and post braze cleanup is easy.

Pro-Braze WBBV Binder

Pro-Braze WBBV Binder is a water based high purity organic binder. It is mixed with powdered alloys such as Nickel or Copper based alloys used in vacuum brazing processes. The binder provides excellent paste adhesion to the parts during fixturing and loading, but vaporizes during the early part of the brazing cycle. At high temperatures, no residue remains that can interfere with wetting and flow of the alloy. Pro-Braze WBBV Binder does not contain any chloride or fluoride salts. Pro-Braze WBBV Binder comes in two viscosity blends and can be thinned with water or alcohol.  Pro-Braze WBBV Binder can be mixed with powdered brazing alloys to form a paste. Use 10% to 20% of binder to 80% to 90% filler metal as a starting point depending on the specs required.  Pro-Braze WBBV Binder does not contain flux. Pro-Braze WBBV Binder is available in one and four pound containers as well as twenty pound pails. Special packaging requirements can usually be accommodated.

Pro-Stop Braze 700V

Brush and Squeeze bottle Viscosity for Vacuum and Torch Brazing applications.

Pro-Stop Braze 700

Dispensable Applications in Vacuum and Torch Brazing. Our Pro-Stop Braze 700 stays put during your brazing cycle and post braze cleanup is easy.


Braze Inhibitors for Vacuum and Dip Brazing

Braze-Stop Products will stop the flow of molten braze alloy and flux from going where you don’t want it. Continental Braze Supply offers 4 versions of our braze inhibitor. We offer a dispensable product along with a brushable type for both Dip Brazing and Vacuum applications. These products offer easy post braze cleanup and can be diluted with water for easy viscosity changes. We can also customize the viscosity of the product to fit your application, be it, Dispensing from a cartridge or syringe, brushing on, or spreading with a spatula. Continental supplies these products in a variety of packaging options. Including - 30cc syringes, dispensing cartridges squeeze bottles and jars. Custom packaging is also available.

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Pro-Braze SBBV Binder

A high purity solvent based binder used in Aluminum brazing applications. This binder is good for all torch and furnace applications. The binder has good adhesion and burns off clean. Our binder is available in jars and pails, please contact sales for quotes and sample requests.

Pro-Stop Braze 600V

Brush and Squeeze bottle viscosity for Dip Brazing process.