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Pro-Braze 718FCP Flux Coated Aluminum

               Coated with NOCOLOK® Flux

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Pro-Braze718FCP is a flux coated 4047 filler metal shim/strip used for joining aluminum and aluminum alloys.  Pro-Braze 718FCP is the eutectic aluminum/silicon composition that melts over the narrow temperature range of 577C to 582C (1070F-1080F).  Normal brazing temperature is 582 to 604C (1080F-1120F).

Pro-Braze 718FCP is coated with NOCOLOK® flux, a non-corrosive flux for aluminum.  The flux coated filler metal shim preform is commonly used on automatic flame brazing machines.  Pro-Braze718FCP is also used in atmosphere furnace, torch or induction brazing processes for joining a wide variety of aluminum alloys.  No post braze cleaning operations are required.  The flux and its residues are non-hygroscopic and non-corrosive.



Pro-Braze 718FCP conforms to:

AA 4047;  AWS A5.8 BAlSi-4;  AMS 4185;  Alcoa 718

Nominal composition:  88% Al-12% Si

Melting Point - 577C - 582C (1070F-1080F)


NOCOLOK® Flux is a mixture of potassium fluoroaluminates

Corresponding to the general formula K1-3AlF4-6

Melting Point – 565 – 572C (1050F-1062F)




Pro-Braze 718FCP replaces the use of flux and 718 braze rings.  Cleanliness of assembly area is enhanced due to the minimum amount of flux use. Pro-Braze 718FCP is also a substitute where corrosive flux alloy paste is in use for torch application.  Waste water treatment is eliminated.



Pro-Braze 718FCP is available in coil or as custom-sized preforms.


NOCOLOK® is a registered trademark of Solvay Fluor und Derivate GmbH.