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The dip brazing process allows simultaneous joining of aluminum components with varying material thickness. Dip brazed joints are very strong, leak-tight and electrically conductive

Braze Compounds

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Here at Continental we supply the high quality products and service your company demands. Our products are made and packaged with your manufacturing process in mind. When you are looking for high quality brazing products and service with on time delivery, call Continental.

Our products are packaged to meet your specific manufacturing process.

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Our non-corrosive Aluminum braze paste for use in atmosphere furnace,torch and induction brazing processes.

Flux Coated Strip

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Braze-Stop Products will stop the flow of molten braze alloy and flux from going where you don’t want it.

Pro-Braze718FCP is a flux coated 4047 filler metal shim/strip used for joining aluminum and aluminum alloys.